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Check out the fashion trends for next year’s winter

ITM has adopted a new Product Development strategy: starting with the Winter Collection 2018, we will be sharing our creation process with our customers. After analyzing a series of references from international fashion shows and world fairs focused on the footwear and accessories industry, as well as consulting specialized magazines and bureaus on the subject, the company has compiled the most relevant trends in the footwear market for this season.

Based on the assembled data, ITM singled out some guiding principles for the creation of products and prints. We then shared the results with our partners, in order to gain feedback on the material presented. The presentation round kicked o? this year at the end of March.

Below you will find a summary of the main trends identified by ITM for the season. The trends have been divided into four main themes, each one named after an artist associated with the spirit of that theme.


British singer Amy Winehouse is the inspiration for the first theme of the season, which involves reviving the past while giving it a contemporary twist. Timeless pieces and looks are jazzed up with modern details that lend a new face to what would normally be treated as vintage. The mix of references conveys a special and unique charm, resulting in a look that appeals to a younger audience. This theme also embraces the romantic side of winter, with floral prints that promise to be a hit, featuring several formats (from Liberty to Maxi Floral), as well as light and dark backgrounds. The contrast of ethnic and contemporary is another hallmark of the theme, which means that looks blending colored ethnic prints can be complemented with more sober and urban accessories.

For this theme, ITM has developed a line called VINTAGE, perfect for creating sneakers with an aged look. Below you can see the fabrics LENNON (left) and HENDRIX (right):

vintage - Lennon baixavintage - hendrix baixa









The urban, contemporary and modern day-to-day life sets the tone for the second trend, inspired by American pop singer Bruno Mars. Streetwear looks with an added touch of modernity, combined with more solid colors, serve as references for this theme. Knitting is a highlight as it conveys warmth in the midst of urban chaos. Neutral tones and winter classics such as blue, gray and black contrast with  vivid tones like red and orange, the darling colors of the season.

ITM has started to offer 3DK 3 dimensional kni>ng – to the market, a technology that allows  creating shoe uppers for sports and casual footwear with different tension points and comfort adjustments at specific points of the foot. This state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to produce seamless shoes with a high degree of comfort, taking advantage of the use of distinct points of pressure along the foot, leading to amazing comfort for the wearer.

And while we are on the topic of comfort, another item in the ITM product line is the SMARTEC® range, a footwear lining with a 3D construction that creates breathable bubbles in the fabric and provides excellent microclimate management within the shoes. Below we can see the products CURIE (left) and BENJAMIN (right) from the SMARTEC® range:

Smartec - curie baixa

Smartec -benjamim baixa









Another ITM must have is the EXPAND product line, a fabric with the technical and modern look of Neoprene, but with several additional bene?ts such as comfort (a stretchy, breathable fabric with good microclimate management), an outstanding cost-bene?t ratio, ease of production and the versatility of having two sides that can be of di?erent colors and composition, either plain or patterned. This product was this year’s winner of the Primus Assintecal Award in the DESIGN category.

This theme is illustrated with two options: Product 7595 (left), with two di?erent colors on each side, and product 7597 (right), with mixed thread:

7595 - expand - baixa

7597 - expand - baixa









The futuristic look is always a must have in the winter, and this year will be no di?erent. What’s striking, however, is the technological focal point, a trend arising from textile developments, and also a marked emphasis on the sensory aspect of fabrics: in an increasingly digital world, people feel the need for a human touch and seek this reference in the clothes they wear on a daily basis. This futuristic and technological appearance has everything to do with the French band Daft Punk that served as inspiration for the theme.

Because ITM has a technological DNA, we are able to o?er several product lines with di?erent functions. A little-known but long-established ITM product line is DRYSHIELD®, featuring water and windproof fabrics, with the added bene?t of a high-tech breathable membrane made without the use of environmentally harmful PTFE. Below you can see the fabrics HEPBURN (left) and STREEP (right) from the line DRYSHIELD®:

DryShield - Streep baixaDryShield - Hepburn baixa








One of the innovations for the season was the launch of the Bidimensional range, two-dimensional fabrics that lend an incredible visual and tactile effect to footwear and accessories. Below are the fabrics NIEMEYER (left) and COSTA (right):

bidimensional - Niemeyer baixabidimensional - costa baixa








Another family of products with a more modern look is the NET line, resulting in ultra light and extremely resistant fabrics. Below, the products TERESA (left) and MANDELA (right):

net - Teresa baixa

Net - mandela baixa










The fourth and ?nal theme for this winter is named after the Brazilian indie band CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy, roughly equivalent to “Sick and Tired of Being Sexy”). This theme ?nds inspiration in the New Wave of the 80’s, with its bright colors and whimsical patterns.

Metals are in this winter and appear mostly in silver, but golden, blue and red metallic finishes also take central stage. These fun and youthful visual effects are part of ITM’s SPECIAL EFFECTS product range, featuring such finishes as glitter, rubberized, varnished, among many others. Check out below the fabrics VIC (left) and ABRAMOVICH (right):

special effects - abramovich - baixa

Special Effects - vic baixa








In addition to these fabrics that sport a more irreverent look, ITM has also launched the SURPRISE line, providing comfort where you least expect it. A special ITM finish allows the fabric of this line to be cut without fraying, which means they can be used in the lining of sandals without affecting their look. Below we show the fabric VIVALDI from our SURPRISE line:

Surprise - vivaldi baixa


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