A visitor to ITM will immediately notice the company’s passion for the environment and the extent to which this issue has become part of our identity.

Much of the natural forest around the plant has been preserved. In addition, a beautiful grove of Araucaria – a critically endangered tree species native to the region – has been planted on the site, delighting all visitors.

The pond within the plant premises supplies the production process with water that is treated and returned to the environment cleaner than it was when originally collected.

Additional features that set the company apart include a scheme to make optimal use of natural resources in all the company’s productive processes, as well as our fundamental concern to deliver products with positive environmental impacts. This makes ITM one of the few Brazilian companies awarded with the European OEKO-TEX® certification, and has led to the development of the product range EcoFio, consisting of fabrics made with recycled cotton and/or polyester yarn.