Nothing is more unpleasant than cold, wet clothes. That is why Sympatex has developed a special membrane that absorbs water vapor and directs it outward through the clothing, keeping the body warm and dry even in extreme weather conditions. But the best part is this: the higher the physical activity, the more efficient the Sympatex membrane works. ITM also produces functional fabrics with Sympatex membranes that serve as effective protection against cold and moisture.

» Basic Membrane Characteristics:– Compact hydrophilic membrane
– Harmless Copolymer (oxygen, carbon, hydrogen) from polyester and polyether
– 5µm to 25µm membrane thickness
– 100% waterproof
– Optimal breathability
– 100% windproof
– CO2, oxygen and water vapor permeable
– Up to 300% stretchable
– Elastic properties
– Easy to clean, pore-free membrane, resistant to soiling and detergent residues
– No impairment of the membrane function.

» Protective Properties:– Guaranteed water resistant, regardless if washed, dry cleaned, subjected to long-term creasing, or soiled by fuels or oil
– Optimal protection against viruses, bacteria and body fluids
– Resistance to various chemicals
– Suitable for use in the medical field, due to its biocompatibility
– Thermal protection
– Protection from condensation

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